Franziska J

About Me

Name: Franziska J

Age: 18

Country of origin: Germany

Driver's license: Full

Driver's license obtained on: December 2023

Earliest arrival date: August 2024

Length of placement: 10 months

Childcare experience: Babysitting, Babysitting other relatives, Practical training

Experience with children: Experienced with children 3 months and older Willing to care for children 2 years and older

Other qualifications:

Hobbies: Games, Travel, Baking, Drawing, Cooking, Photography, Reading, Writing, Listening to music, Sports, Horse Riding, Swimming

Message to the host family

“I dreamed of being an au pair since I started thinking about what I want to do after my graduation. I often watched videos on YouTube of people doing an au pair year and I perceived it as very inspiring to see their daily life in a different country. Moreover, I always dreamed about being a big sister because I love spending time with kids and taking care of them. Due to the fact, that you're traveling alone and visiting a new country all by yourself you can get a lot of new insights and broaden your perspective on many things in life. I am also a very open minded person who loves to meet new people and would love to become an important part of another family. In my opinion an au pair year can only provide positive experiences because you become more advanced and make many new memories. At the same time, I would love to have the opportunity to explore a completely different lifestyle and a different country and see many new places and meet new people.”
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Information Request Form

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