Au Pairs are a flexible and convenient option for busy Canadian families!

Au Pairs are a great & flexible option for busy families!


Au Pairs are young childcare providers, generally aged approximately 18-25, the majority originate from Western European countries, Australia and New Zealand. Au Pairs come to Canada on the International Experience Class a.m. Working Holiday Visa.

However, their main purpose is to discover Canada and it is their choice to live with a Canadian family to experience Canadian culture first hand.


 Au Pair is a French term which translates as “equal to”, meaning that the relationship between a family and their Au Pair is a reciprocal and caring one. Au Pairs become a part of the family during their stay. They live with their Canadian host family and are flexible in their working hours, able to take care of the children on both a full or part-time basis depending on the parents’ needs. Typically an Au Pair placement will be for a 6-12 month period.


While an Au Pair’s main responsibility is childcare, she will also assist with child-related household duties. Many will also hold driver’s licences and be able to drive as part of their duties. Au Pairs will have undertaken previous childcare work outside of their own family such as babysitting and tutoring.


During the time they are not working, Au Pairs will want to learn about Canadian culture by being involved with their host family and though they have a high degree of English language ability, may undertake a language course to further improve their skills.

In exchange, Au Pairs provide your children with a great opportunity to learn about their culture, their food and even introduce a second language into the home.


Having an Au Pair take care of your children can be an extremely rewarding experience for the entire family.