Maren J

About Me

Name: Maren J

Age: 18

Country of origin: Germany

Driver's license: Full

Driver's license obtained on: December 2022

Earliest arrival date: August 2024

Length of placement: 10 months

Childcare experience: Babysitting, Coaching sports for kids, Youth group

Experience with children: Experienced with children 2 years and older Willing to care for children 1 year and older

Other qualifications:

Hobbies: Travel, Voluntary work, Baking, Cooking, Reading, Doing Crafts/DIY’s, Skiing

Message to the host family

“One of the primary motivations for becoming an au pair is the opportunity for cultural exchange. Living with a host family allows me to immerse in a new culture, learn about local customs, traditions, and language, and share my own cultural background with the host family. I enjoy working with children and want to gain valuable childcare experience. As an au pair I can develop close relationships with the children and contribute to their upbringing. Being an au pair provides me the chance to explore a new country and its surroundings during my free time. I want to experience the diversity of Canada.”

Information Request Form

Information Request Form

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