Malen N

About Me

Name: Malen N

Age: 20

Country of origin: Germany

Driver's license: Full

Driver's license obtained on: January 2020

Earliest arrival date: October 2023

Length of placement: 10 months

  • Willing to consider a longer placements

Childcare experience: Babysitting, Coaching Sports for Kids

Experience with children: Experienced with children 3 months and older Willing to care for children 5 years and older

Other qualifications:

Hobbies: Travel, Anime, Music, Baking, Cooking, Reading, Languages, Piano, Violin, Skiing, Icehockey, Cross- country skiing, volleyball, bouldering

Willing to:

  • Stay with single Host Mom
  • Stay with single Host Dad
  • Stay with same-sex couples female
  • Stay with same-sex couples male
  • Stay with French-speaking families
  • Stay with pets - cats
  • Stay with pets- dogs
  • Stay with other pets ie reptiles, spiders, rodents
  • Care for children with special needs

Message to the host family

“I have two big hobbies: ice hockey and traveling. And for many years I have been dreaming of playing ice hockey on a big lake in Canada, surrounded by trees and mountains. I don't know how long it has been like this, but I am absolutely in love with the nature of this country and I want to collect as many impressions, experiences and memories as I can. To be honest, I don't like working. At least, I've never found anything I really enjoy. Except for one activity: childcare. It just makes me happy to see the children laugh and how they gain new impressions, experiences and memories. So I would like to combine these two things”

Additional Notes

- has experience with mental special needs and wouldn’t like to take care of a child with severe special needs - Willing to arrive later – November 30th 2023 - Has Hypothyroidism: Takes L-thyroxine for Hypothyroidism - Must return home by October 2024

Information Request Form

Information Request Form

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