Leonie P

About Me

Name: Leonie P

Age: 18

Country of origin: Germany

Driver's license: Full

Driver's license obtained on: October 2020

Earliest arrival date: December 2021

Length of placement: 6 months

Childcare experience: Babysitting; Babysitting other relatives; Babysitting younger sibling; Coaching sports for kids; Tutoring children

Experience with children: Experienced with children of all ages Willing to care for children of all ages

Other qualifications: Speaks French and Spanish

Hobbies: Travel, Voluntary work, Baking, Cooking, Reading, Drums, Fitness, Horse Riding, Running, Skiing, Field hockey

Willing to:

  • Stay with single Host Mom
  • Stay with single Host Dad
  • Stay with same-sex couples female
  • Stay with same-sex couples male
  • Stay with French-speaking families
  • Stay with pets - cats
  • Stay with pets- dogs
  • Stay with other pets ie reptiles, spiders, rodents
  • Stay with a host family that smokes
  • Care for children with special needs

Message to the host family

“I absolutely love spending time with kids, whether we are reading books together, doing arts and crafts, cooking or baking, playing with all kinds of toys, going outside on adventures to the playground or other places, playing football or other sports, the list goes on. In some way, I enjoy seeing the world through their eyes. I think we can learn a lot from their honest, innocent nonchalance. Watching them grow, overcoming all kinds of challenges and trying new things, brings me a lot of joy.”
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Information Request Form

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