Leila K

About Me

Name: Leila K

Age: 18

Country of origin: Germany

Driver's license: Full

Driver's license obtained on: August 2021

Earliest arrival date: June 2023

Length of placement: 12 months

Childcare experience: Coaching sports for kids

Experience with children: Experienced with children 2 years and older Willing to care for children 1 year and older

Other qualifications: Speaks French

Hobbies: Travel, Voluntary work, Photography, Reading, Dance, Fitness, Running

Willing to:

  • Stay with single Host Mom
  • Stay with single Host Dad
  • Stay with same-sex couples female
  • Stay with same-sex couples male
  • Stay with pets - cats
  • Stay with pets- dogs
  • Stay with other pets ie reptiles, spiders, rodents
  • Care for children with special needs

Message to the host family

“I want to become an au pair because I love spending time with children. They make me happy and bring new energy into my life. When I spend time with children, I can also be a bit of a child again. In my opinion, children not only learn from us adults, but we can also learn a lot from them because they see the world with completely different eyes than we do. As an au pair, I can combine my passion for children with my curiosity to explore new places and nature. Living with a host family has been a wish of mine for a few years when I was thinking about doing an exchange year. It awakens my curiosity to get to know another family with its traditions and habits and be a part of it. For once, not to experience this pure German family, but bring variety into my life.”

Additional Notes

Allergic to Pollen Willing to arrive later (latest date: 01.09.2023)

Information Request Form

Information Request Form

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