Carina F

About Me

Name: Carina F

Age: 19

Country of origin: Austria

Driver's license: Full

Driver's license obtained on: November 2019

Earliest arrival date: February 2023

Length of placement: 12 months

  • Willing to arrive earlier

Childcare experience: Babysitting, practical training in childcare and related subjects

Experience with children: Experienced with children 1 year and older Willing to care for children 3 years and older

Other qualifications:

Hobbies: Travel, Voluntary work, I like to experience adventure and travel with friends or family. At a youth club, I volunteer to help, without being paid, to do charitable things, Baking, Drawing, Cooking, Photography; I like to photograph the nature. At home I like to bake a cake and cook. Besides, I love to paint. Guitar, Singing, I play clarinet, keyboard and guitar. Furthermore I like to sing. In summer I like to ride the bike, in winter I love to go skiing. In kindergarten, sometimes I do Yoga with the children.

Willing to:

  • Stay with single Host Mom
  • Stay with single Host Dad
  • Stay with same-sex couples female
  • Stay with same-sex couples male
  • Stay with pets - cats
  • Stay with pets- dogs
  • Stay with other pets ie reptiles, spiders, rodents

Message to the host family

“Through the internships in many kindergartens I discovered the love for children. This has strengthened my interest for an au pair year. I love to get to know other cultures and languages. I am also interested in how families in other countries handle their everyday life with the children. What I like about being an au pair is that every day with the children can be individual and I can get to know the children's hobbies. But I would also like to sit together with the host family in the evening to talk about the day and exchange ideas. As an au pair I have the opportunity to get to know another culture in a family, but also to bring my culture closer. The children can show me games, which are perhaps not so well known in our country, but I can also teach the children games from Austria.”

Additional Notes

Allergy to pollen

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Information Request Form

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